SacRT is launching a major redesign of its bus network on Sunday, September 8, 2019. 

The goal is to provide improved connectivity with more direct service and better frequency. Please read the FLYER for more information on routes and the FARE-FREE program for students in K-12.

Some routes may have a new route number or, even if the route has not changed, there may be changes to the route. Please review route information carefully.

Below are the changes taking place that may impact students who use SacRT:

Old routes serving school: 2, 6, 51, 62, 67, 252, Blue Line light rail

New routes serving school: 62, 106 (formerly 6), 252, Blue Line light rail

Regional Transit

A Regional Transit (RT) light rail station (Wayne Hultgren Station) is located within a few blocks of CKM between the Land Park and Curtis Park neighborhoods. RT buses traveling on routes along Freeport Boulevard and Land Park Drive stop within short walking distances to the campus. Visit the Regional Transit website to learn more about fares and monthly passes for students. Students may purchase their monthly RT passes at the student store (house in CKM’s controller’s office).

Drop-off and pick-up zone

When approaching CKM from Freeport Boulevard, drivers may pull into the circular drive in front of the school to drop off or pick up students. Since pedestrian and vehicular traffic at the beginning and end of the school day can be very heavy, students should leave and enter vehicles quickly to keep traffic flowing. Drivers are encouraged to allow plenty of time and patience or choose an alternate location for drop-off and pick-up. When using neighboring streets, however, drivers must not block private driveways or double-park. There are a limited number of visitor parking spots available in the circular drive for parents who need to leave their vehicles to visit the school.

Biking to school

Students riding their bicycles to school may store them in the secure CKM bike storage area. When biking to school, students are expected to obey all traffic rules. Because pedestrian and vehicular traffic at the beginning and end of the school day can be very heavy, students should proceed with the utmost caution on their way to and from school. The bike storage cage is locked throughout the school day; students who must leave early for work or appointments should not use the cage on those days. While security cameras are trained on the cage area, CKM is not responsible for losses.

Walking to school

Many CKM students walk to school from the surrounding neighborhood. When walking to school, students are asked to obey traffic rules and lights, use sidewalks and crosswalks, and remain alert particularly during high traffic times before and after school. To prevent unauthorized departures from the campus, the gates on 17th Street to the north and south are locked once first period begins; the gates are unlocked at the end of the school day to allow students to leave campus after the school day ends.

Student parking

There are a limited number of spaces available for students who drive to school. Parking spots are rented first to seniors in good standing and then, on a first-come, first-served basis, to other students. Parking permits are sold early in the school year and are valid for the entire year. Parking in the surrounding neighborhoods is by permit only; violators will be ticketed.

Students with special needs

SCUSD provides transportation to school for students with special needs. Contact the district offices at 916-642-7400 for more information.