Student Resources


Student Resources


Free Meals for Students!!
At Various Sites Around the District

Any school aged child can get free meals from ANY of the school locations.  You do not need to be a student at a particular school to get free meals.  Please take advantage of this service provided to our community by SCUSD.

Hours and days have changed!  Meals will now be available from 10-12 Monday – Thursday.  8 students per car.  Each student will receive breakfast, lunch, and a snack.  Meals will no longer be served in the evening.

  • Abraham Lincoln          
  • Bret Harte                    
  • C.K. McClatchy            
  • Elder Creek                  
  • Ethel I. Baker               
  • Ethel Phillips                
  • Father Keith                 
  • Fern Bacon                  
  • Golden Empire            
  • Hiram Johnson            
  • Hubert Bancroft           
  • H.W. Harkness            
  • Isador Cohen               
  • James Marshall           
  • John F. Kennedy          
  • John Still                      
  • Kit Carson                  
  • Leataata Floyd            
  • Luther Burbank           
  • Martin Luther King      
  • Matsuyama                 
  • Nicholas                      
  • Oak Ridge                  
  • Pacific                         
  • Parkway                      
  • Rosa Parks                
  • Rosemont                  
  • Serna Center              
  • Susan B. Anthony      
  • Tahoe                         
  • Washington                 
  • West Campus             
  • Will C. Wood               
  • William Land               

District Resources
Free Learning and Enrichment Resources for Students

During our district closure, we share our community’s deep concern for student learning. We have collected some of the very best, free online learning options and we hope these will support our students to continue their learning at home.

Our students can also access our district’s Clever Platform to use additional educational resources. This is also a great time for students to do independent reading. 

SCUSD families are able to access the internet for free!

Comcast XFinity Wifi Hotspots across the country open and free. Many of these hotspots are in neighborhoods and might be accessible from your home. 

Comcast Internet Essentials: New Internet Essentials customers will receive two free months of Internet service, which is available to all qualified low-income households for $9.95/month plus tax. Apply by April 30, 2020.

AT&T Access: offering two months of free service to new Access customers who order by April 30, 2020. $5/mo or $10/mo thereafter, depending on your speed.

Consolidated Communications Free Hotspot Access: Families can call 1.844.YOUR.CCI to gain free access to Wi-Fi hotspots

Verizon Wireless: Verizon is offering two months of waived internet and voice service for Lifeline customers and low income households starting April 3, 2020

If you experience difficulty accessing the link above, please see other reduced cost internet access options.


Title IX
Policies on Sexual Harassment 4119.11 and 5145.7

The Governing Board is committed to maintaining a learning environment that is free of harassment.  The Board prohibits the unlawful sexual harassment of any student by an employee, student or other person at the school electronically or at any school-related activity.  Any prohibited conduct that occurs off campus or outside of school-related or school sponsored programs or activities will be regarded as sexual harassment in violation of district policy if it has a continuing effect on or creates a hostile school environment for the complainant or victim of the conduct.  Parents/guardians have the right to receive the district’s sexual harassment policy as it related to students.  (Education Code 231.5. 48980(g))  Any student who engages in the sexual harassment of anyone at school or a school-related activity shall be subject to disciplinary action.

The Governing Board prohibits sexual harassment in the working environment of district employees or applicants by any person in any form.  Employees who permit or engage in such harassment may be subject to disciplinary action us to and including dismissal.  Complaints may be filed with site administrator or department supervisor for initial attempts at resolution.

Title IX Site Coordinator: Pedro Garibay, Assistant Principal 

(916) 395-5050 x503021

District Title IX Officers

Student Related Issues: Stephan Brown, Director, Student Hearing and Placement Department (916) 643-9425

Employee Related Issues: Cancy McArn, Chief Human Resources Officer (916) 643-7474

For more information, please visit the district’s website at



After School Safety and Enrichment for Teens (ASSETs)

The After School Safety & Enrichment for Teens (ASSETs), is an Expanded Learning program at C. K. Mc Clatchy High School. In partnership with the Sacramento City Unified School district and Sacramento Chinese Community Service Center, we provide elective credit classes, enrichment courses and tutoring opportunities to all students. Our elective credit classes take place during 0 and 7th period. Our tutoring services  are available in the library after school.

As an extension of the regular school day, ASSETs promotes diversity, equitable access, and a healthy lifestyle through wich our Lions thrive. ASSETs works closely with the College and Career coordinator to provide students with higher education opportunities and financial aid resources.  Additionally, our tutors/mentors help all interested seniors with senior projects.

Program Components

  • Before & After School Credit Classes (0, 7th, & 8th period)
  • Enrichment Clubs
  • Homework Help (Tutoring in Math, English, Spanish and others.)
  • Senior Project guidance
  • College and Career resources
  • Family Literacy Opportunities
  • Free Afternoon Meals

Program Hours

  • 0 Period: M,T,W, & TH (7:14AM -  8:13 AM)
  • 7th Period: M,T, W, & F (3:18PM – 4:20PM)
  • Tutoring: M, T, W, & F (3:18PM – 5:45PM) & TH (2:18PM – 5:30PM)
  • Supper: M, T, W, & F (4:20PM – 4:45PM) & TH (3:20PM – 3:45PM)

2020 Spring Expanded Learning Schedule

2020 Spring Class Schedule HERE.


Maria Jose Solares Luna, After School Program Manager — Office: 27C

Follow us on Instagram: @ckmassets

Phone: (916) 395-5050 ext. 503527


Program Summaries

College & Career Center

CKM’s College/Career Center offers various resources and workshops to help all students explore college and career opportunities.

Learn more

Program Summaries

Counseling Office

CKM counselors provide services in educational counseling as well as personal/social counseling. Students are assigned a counselor based on the first letter of their last name, or if they are an Academy or EL/Bilingual student. 

Learn more


Student Support Center

Located in Room 28A, the Student Support Center on the CKM campus is focused on promoting the integration of community and school resources to ensure student success.  Student Support Center includes academic and attendance support, resolution of mental or physical health issues, and enhancing the self-sufficiency of students and families (clothing, housing, school supplies).

Student Support Center website HERE